Xpress loans are another popular choice for students looking for ways to pay for college. Like the Astrive Student Loan, the Xpress student loans are another way to help you bridge the gap between all monies you receive from any grants, scholarships, Federal student loans, and even work study programs and the actual cost of your education. They offer competitive rates, customer service, good terms, and an instant answer on your approval for a loan. Like other student loan agencies, all payments are deferred until after your graduation or residency, and you have up to 20 years to pay off your loan. However, 0ne of the great things about Xpress student loans are that they have guides to help parents and students learn how to apply for financial aid and details about their eligibility. They are extremely helpful and ready to help you get ready for college, and are available to a variety of students, as listed below.

1. Undergraduate Students

  • Undergrad Xpress Loans - this loan boasts no fees, low interest rates, high approval rates, and more.
  • Career Xpress Loans - this loan helps career students and students enrolled less than half-time at eligible schools when financial aid does not cover the entire cost. This loan also claims competitive interest rates, immediate pre-approval decisions, and money saving benefits.
  • Community College Xpress Loans - this loan is created especially for those enrolled in community college, and has the same benefits as the others.

2. Graduate Students

  • Grad Xpress Loans - created especially for graduate students, these loans also boast no fees, great interest rates, high approval rates, immediate pre-approval decision, and money-saving borrower benefits, the Grad Xpress Loan makes funding graduate school studies easy and affordable.
  • Career Xpress Loans - this loan is meant for graduate students who attend school less than half time, with all the benefits of the other loans.

3. Health Professions Students and Residency

  • Health Xpress Loans - these loans are specifically reserved for students in medical school.
  • Residency Xpress Loans - this loan is designed to help recent graduates fund residency and relocations costs. Not only that, but it also covers interviewing and relocating expenses for internships and costs for board review courses and licensure exams. Nice, huh?

4. Law School Students and Bar Expenses

  • Legal Xpress Loans - designed especially for students in law school.
  • Bar Xpress Loans - The Bar Xpress Loan helps final year students and recent graduates fund bar exam studies. It also covers living expenses while studying for the exam and fees for the bar review course and the bar licensing examination.

There are plenty of different options you can choose from with an Xpress Loan. Tailored for you, the student, graduate student, health professional, or law student, you’re sure to get just what you need. While your here, take a moment to sign up for my RSS feed, as there is more great information just like this coming soon!

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