I graduated from college several years ago, and I thought it was expensive then! In school I watched costs consistently rise every semester or year, and knew I had to get out fast if costs were going to keep going up like that. With all the other fees like books, housing, lab fees, class fees, parking permits, and more, college adds up to be astronomically expensive.  I can only imagine what the costs are at now and cringe. Today, many families are turning to an Astrive Student Loan to help bridge the gap between those rising costs of college, and financial programs which can be limited. An Astrive Student Loan is private, also called an alternative student loan, meaning that it does not come from the government, but from a private financial institution. When choosing the right college for you or your family member, you should be able to go to the school of your choice, and not be limited by what you can afford. 

Loan Details

An Astrive Student Loan is a great way to help you pay for college, and will help you cover the full cost of higher education. They have surprisingly competitive interest rates, and unlike financial aid programs, you won’t be turned down because your family makes too much money or for having other federal and private grants and loans. Also, you can use an Astrive Student Loan with or without a federal loan. All of those hidden costs that come with going to college are covered, such as: travel home, room and board, books, essential computer equipment, athletic fees, lab fees, and even more. Don’t burden yourself down with credit card debt when you can easily acquire an Astrive Student Loan.

Repayment Options

There are several options you can use to repay your loan, and you can choose whichever one is best for you. 

  • First of all, you can do the immediate loan repayment, meaning that you start paying on the principle and interest 45 days after you receive your first check. This option will save you the most money, if you can do it.
  • Secondly, you can do interest only monthly payments. Interest payments will begin 45 days after you receive your first check, and the principle isn’t paid until either 45 days after your graduation or cease to be enrolled at least half time.
  • Last, you can do deferred payments, meaning that you pay nothing on your loan balance until six months after your graduation.

The Astrive Student Loan is a great loan for you and your family to look into. If you have any other questions on acquiring student loans, check out my other articles on Consolidate Student Loan Benefits and Problems.

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