I don’t have a whole lot of time today to share with you all that is happening (I have a couple of real estate appointments setup for later today), but I wanted to give you a quick update. I was able to successfully remove a slow/non-paying tenant out of one of my investment properties. A few days later, I was able to lease it back out. This is the first tenant that actually read all the through the contract, and point out some issues that she had with it. This came as a refreshment to me, in that most people don’t read it, which is not really the problem, the problem is, they don’t think they have to abide by it, or they don’t care. So hopefully with this savvy renter, there won’t be any issues with keeping up the property, or paying the rent on time.

Also, one of my appointments today will be with someone who is looking to lease out my doublewide just north of Belton. As you may remember, I had to ask the previous tenants to vacate due to non-payment of rent. It is amazing how many people don’t care about paying their rent. But, I digress…anyways, these people sound like they might be more stable renters, and I have introduced a price slightly above what the previous tenants were paying. So we will see what we can do.

All in all, things are kind of in a lull, but with the potential to ramp back up. Come back soon for more information on real estate investing and personal finance.

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