One of the top questions on any parents mind is how they are going to pay for college. But knowing how to find scholarships can ease the burden of college expenses. The truth is, it’s more expensive to attend college today than it has ever been. You may not have saved any money for college, or started too late, and now you and your college student are searching for ways to help pay for the expensive costs of tuition, books and other hidden fees. Of course there are always student loans out there you can get, but not many people are real excited about getting themselves more into debt than they already are. Plus with the average college costing about $15,000 a year for public colleges, and $30,000 a year and above for a private college, the debt you quickly rack up is astounding.

What many parents and students alike don’t realize, is that there are plenty of government grants and scholarships available to anyone willing to look and apply for it. In fact, there are over a million different scholarships available for students of all ages, however most use the excuse that they just don’t know how to find scholarships, and that if they did then they would probably just be denied anyway. That’s a negative outlook, and there is plenty of money out there to help pay for school, made for people just like you. I’m going to give you some hints about where to look for it. After that, it’s your job to apply.

  10. ($39.95 charge, I have not tested this site)

If you are not willing to do much with this list, at the very least, follow link number 1, and fill out your FAFSA. You may be shocked at just how much you are eligible to receive via government scholarships / grants, or subsidized loans. This will also give you a PIN that you can use in conjunction with the financial aid office of the school you will be attending.

Good luck in your searching. It may take some time to set up your membership accounts at these sites, but it should be well worth the effort to find that free money for college. Write and let me know if you have a favorite site for finding scholarships that you don’t see listed above (you may comment at the bottom of this page).

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