With the recent soar in gas prices, I feel compelled to contact my readers and urge them to take action against the oil companies. Goldman Sachs has put out a recent estimation that the price for a barrel of crude oil could reach as high as $200. Currently the price is somewhere around $120 per barrel. So, if the price of gasoline at the pump is somewhere around $4 nationwide now, then the price at the pump with crude oil being $200 per barrel would be somewhere around $6.50 per gallon! Do you think you are stretching now on your gas bill? Do you think food prices are high now? Just wait.

The only way the American people can influence the price of gasoline is too reduce their consumption. I am putting my best foot forward by looking for a motorcycle to buy, and severely limiting my trips around town, and out of town. Getting the number of miles driven down combined with obtaining a much more fuel efficient vehicle will dramatically reduce the number of gallons of gas I will be buying at the local gas station.

But let me just give you some suggestions and ways that you can cut back on gasoline consumption, some of these are obvious, and have already been covered, but I want this to be a fairly comprehensive list, so here goes:

  • Buy a motorcycle, or a more efficient car.
  • Buy a high level air filter, and other small things that will help to increase your vehicle’s gas mileage
  • Move closer to work. This one should be a good situation, as there are many, many foreclosures available, and you should be able to get a good deal on a house that is closer to work.
  • Cut out the far away family vacations. Look for options close to town.
  • Eat at the house. You’ll be surprised how much gas you use just going out to eat.
  • Utilize the mail system. I found it cheaper to mail in my banking business than it is to drive it over. Unbelievable.
  • Do as much as you can online, instead of driving to the stores.
  • Get rid of the boat.
  • Get rid of the jet ski(s).

I am sure there are many things you can do to save gas that I am missing, but if we all focused on just these few things, it should put a dramatic dent in this nation’s demand, and should help to shake our law makers into passing legislation to increase fuel production in this country. These two things combined could significantly lower the price of gas, and get us back to being able to afford to do some things that we want to do. But for now, we need to suck it up, and put the pressure on the oil companies and our government.

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