In this addition, I would like to just give some comments on how I feel about StarTex Power. StarTex Power is a Texas Electrical Retailer (read more on Texas Electricity Rates), and has been growing since deregulation. I am a customer and would like to share just a few comments with my readers today.

  1. StarTex Power has been very reliable. Because they do not actually control the electrical generation or power lines, the delivery of electricity to my house has not changed.
  2. Their prices are good. I think they have a 1 year contract price that will guarantee a particular kilowatt hour rate, but I am on the month to month plan.
  3. I haven’t had any billing issues, all bills have been paid, and the readings appear to be about right.
  4. One negative though, during the summer months, they increased the rate on me without notice (they never promised to send notice prior to rate change, however), and it is November now, without a decrease. I have heard of energy companies jacking rates in the summer, but I would think that they would go back down during the winter months. I have been with the company for close to a year, through last summer, and into this winter, expecting a decrease, but it hasn’t happened yet. If you are really concerned, consider their contract plan to secure a particular rate.

I think all in all, StarTex Power is a typical retail energy provider. If I saw another energy company offering a much lower rate for power, I would switch. On another note, the nice thing about going month to month with them, is that you can switch to another provider without a disconnect fee. So if I see another provider with much lower rates, I can easily make the switch! If y’all get a chance, leave some feedback at the bottom of this page, and sign up for my RSS feed for automatic updates.

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