Recently, there was a major storm that came through our area, and delivered baseball size hail to our property. Yes, I said baseball size hail. It was a serious storm cell that produced a tornado about 15-20 miles south of us. Now, our house is somewhat protected by two massive live oak trees, but even with those trees over us, we still had hail hitting our roof. Now, I don’t know what to look for in hail damage (unless it is so obvious that shingles have been torn off the roof, or there are giant holes in the roof, etc), but I did see some of the shingles on our main roof had curled up corners.

Now I think a lot of people might have just disregarded this, and considered that the roof was fine, and no need to call the insurance company. But knowing the preexisting conditions of certain areas of our roof, combined with the recent storm, I felt compelled to ask for an adjuster to come out and look at the roof. Now, I know what you are thinking here, that I just made up a bunch of stuff about the roof and blamed it all on the recent storm. That is just not true. When I was asked questions about leaks into the house, etc. I was completely honest and mentioned that there were previous problems with the roof.

Even if a person is a good liar, these insurance adjusters are not idiots. You aren’t going to convince them that they are wrong. So I had the adjuster come out, and concluded that there was significant damage to the roof, and he came up with an estimated cost to repair, less our deductible, and we are waiting on the first check.

What to Do When Considering to File a Claim with Your Home Owner’s Insurance 

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