It has come to it. The last day for redemption. If my two renters in default do not come up with their required rent and late fees today, and eviction letter will come tomorrow. This is especially difficult for me as there are no winners in an eviction. The tenant loses their residence, and the landlord is left with no potential income. But letting them stay without paying is even worse for me as the landlord, so they will have to go.

Texas law says that I must give them 3 days notice to vacate the property (unless the lease contract specifically states otherwise), and even at the end of the three days, I still cannot force them out. If they refuse to move out, then I have to go to the Justice of the Peace, and file an eviction, as well as pay a $65 fee for the action. Just a side note, but where are my taxes going? I can’t think of anything that I don’t have to pay additional for, except for the public park that my wife and I take walks in.

On a better note, one of the duplexes we just bought has the new water meter installed. So now I will need to get with my plumber to do the switchover. At least this tenant is paying…

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