With so much information at your fingertips these days, identity theft has become a huge issue in the United States and credit card companies are looking to help their clients avoid identity theft at every turn. Identity theft credit cards provide protections available to you for no extra cost, and give you that added security to put you at ease when using your credit card. Each credit card company will offer different identity theft credit card protection for you, and it’s best to know whats out there when applying for a new credit card.  The following is a breakdown of four major credit card companies, and how they deal with indentity theft:

Discover’s Identity Theft Credit Card Protections

  • Credit File Montitoring - All three credit bureaus are monitored for unusual activity every business day, if anything is found that could indicate fraud, you will be contacted promptly by means of an email, text message or mail.
  • $25k Identity Theft Insurance - Provides each client theft insurance up to $25k with no deductible for expeneses associated with identity theft (not for New York residents).
  • Expert Identity Theft and Credit Report Advisors are always on call to answer any questions.

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