Growing up, there were several colleges around the state that I knew of, and I was pretty familiar with the layout of the campuses, but I didn’t really want to go to any of them.  I learned how to find colleges, and found one that suited my needs and degree plan. It’s sad, but many college freshman will readily admit that the only reason they are attending the college they are is simply because when they were applying to different schools, they merely went with the ones they knew, or the ones that were close by. My favorite excuse is that a particular friend was going there, and so they have decided to base their future off of where there friend is going to college. Not smart. Once they start choosing a career, they may find that they will need to transfer schools, and not all of the classes taken will transfer over.  This is a costly mistake.

Knowing how to find colleges that offer degrees in your interest is a must.  Also, finding colleges that correspond with your beliefs, being able to handle the surrounding areas, being close to home or not, and other factors should play a huge role in your college selection process. Knowing how to find colleges can be difficult. There are several websites out there that can help you find colleges, but there is one that is by far my favorite.

This is a great tool for helping you find colleges in your area of choice. It takes you through step by step, desired degree plan, preferred area, and much much more to help you find the college you’ve been searching for. I’d advise all high school seniors and their parents to browse the website and take the time to find a college that suits all of their needs, instead of just choosing one down the street because its the easiest.

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