The real estate analysis spreadsheet presented at the bottom of this post is an extension of the spreadsheet provided in the Simple Guide to Real Estate Investment Property Evaluation. As noted in that article, I did not provide a space for you to enter any repair or holding costs. In this version of the real estate analysis spreadsheet, I provide the spaces to enter this information. But before I give you the link to download the information, I would like to give you a few pointers on how to estimate repairs and holding periods:

  • Repairs
    Often, when you buy an investment property, you will be faced with necessary repairs. Keep it simple. If possible, just replace items that are readily apparent to the potential buyer/renter. Things like paint, flooring, etc. are hot points for potential buyers. Curb appeal is another very valuable analysis consideration. First impressions can make or break you. Spend a little money to make the overall appearance as nice as possible. Get estimates from more than one company. Ask around. Check with your trusty realtor if a price for a particular repair is reasonable. There are no dumb questions in this game. Ask me if you can’t/don’t feel comfortable asking others. I have repaired several houses and can at least give you an idea of what it might cost. ***Remember, appearance is everything, people can work with you on issues like HVAC, plumbing etc. if the house looks great and they fall in love with it.***
  • Holding Periods
    Holding periods are going to vary based on many different factors like age of house, location, size, rental rate etc. So on those, I would need to know what the situation is to be able to provide any real value to you. However, something I can offer is this: the real estate market is cyclical, during the winter months, houses don’t move as well due to holidays, kids being in school etc. Spring and summer is the best time to move a house. If at all possible, have the house ready to move around the March, April, or May timeframe. Trust me, it will move faster.

So take these recommendations into consideration during your real estate analysis. You may download the xls spreadsheet here:

Real Estate Analysis Spreadsheet.xls

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