In today’s world, you never really know anybody. Think about yourself, and your family members, do you have a cousin or uncle that you just wouldn’t trust to even feed your dog while you are on vacation? Well if that’s true, do you think that strangers you are trying to do business with deserve any more trust?

In my short experience in property management and real estate investing, I have seen some very wicked things go on. Extensive damages to property, lying, cheating, playing on your heart’s strings, all examples of people’s lack of integrity and failure to take responsibility.

Here is the quick tip for today, make sure when you are doing business, if you don’t know the person implicitly, get everything in writing, and get it up front. I know it is extra work, and work that may end up not being paid, but nonetheless, get a contract. Things will just go better for you that way. Next week, I will outline a specific example of how I was taken advantage of, and how you can protect yourself.

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