If you have been following this personal finance blog, you know that I work in real estate, and hold a realtor license. I had received some feedback from post Realtor License via email that I think would be helpful to the community. In this article I explain my thoughts on why you should consider having a realtor license, regardless of whether you intend to become active in real estate investing or any other realtor activities. This email came in from a person who was thinking about getting his license here in Texas. The following is an excerpt from the email he sent me:

Just read your realtor license post and couldn’t agree more w/ the benefit of holding such a license.  You mentioned that it cost you about $800, did you use take an online or traditional class?  Also do you have any resources that you found really useful while going through the process?  And how long did it take you to obtain the license?  I am in TX and really considering getting my license specially since I might be putting my home on the market soon.

To which I responded with:

Thanks for the contact. I completed my prelicense education online via http://www.dallasrealestateuniversity.com/. It was the cheapest online method I could find. Make sure that the school you choose is listed on the TREC approved list of education providers at http://www.trec.state.tx.us/education/providers_core.asp

The process is pretty simple. TREC provides a 1-2-3 type list here: http://www.trec.state.tx.us/licenses/salesapp.asp. For the education part, I recommend buying a package that gives you all the hours you need. If you have some college, you can follow TREC’s method to send in your transcript, and not have to take the full 210 hours, you’ll just have to take 150 hours. I went with the 150 hour option.

After you complete the TREC steps, then you need to negotiate with a real estate broker to allow you to hang your license with them. Once you have one, it is a simple form to send to TREC saying you will be working for them. That will activate your license and you will be ready to go.

This is just a basic help guide to making sure you have a checklist of exactly what to do to acquire your realtor license here in Texas. Before you go, take a moment to sign up for my RSS feed, and get automatic updates to everything going on here at Personal Finance Resources.

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