For many of us out there, entertainment just eats our budget down to nothing. Expensive eating out multiple times per week, $8-$9 movies at the local theater a couple of times per week, sodas and chips every day, and a host of other things really kill the budget. My wife and I are very conscious about money (especially now that I have quit my job and am working full time on my own business) and have spent time finding ways to save money, while still being able to have some fun in a Godly manner. Here are some tips that we have unearthed for cheap evenings that are fun:

  1. Buying a DVD from Walmart once or twice a week off the $5 rack.
    Combine this with a TVGuardian to filter out all language and sticking with PG-13 movies and below, and you have a very cheap solution to a fun date night. This is probably our most chosen method, because we both like movies and the cost is so low - $5 per movie, versus spending over $4 to rent a movie, then having to return it. This way, we own the movie and can watch it whenever we wish.
  2. Taking a walk down at the public walkway.
    We have a very nice creek that runs through the middle of town, with a very nice concrete sidewalk for walking, and feeding ducks, etc. This is a very tranquil way to enjoy each other and good old fashioned conversation. And best of all, there is no cost for entry!
  3. Grilling, instead of eating out.
    With a little bit of practice, guys can make some amazing cuisine on the grill. Often, my wife and I enjoy my grilling far more than eating the same meal at a restaurant. Gas grilling is the cheapest method, however I use charcoal, it is slightly more expensive, but the flavor is much better. Do simple meals like chicken quarters which can be bought for less than $1 per pound.
  4. Inviting friends over for dinner and board games.
    On a typical week, we invite the teenage guys from our Church over to our house. They are a great group of guys, and we usually eat and play 42 (a domino game), or watch a movie. Very cheap but we have some great laughs, and really enjoy the fellowship.
  5. Playing basketball with a group of guys.
    This one is mostly for the guys, but some of the men from Church get together on occasion and play basketball. This is a zero cost way to have great fun and build relationships.

There are many other extremely low cost ways to have fun. If you have any ideas, please leave them at the bottom of the page in the comment area.

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