It has been tough, but the Lord is good. The two renters I mentioned in my post on Eviction Notices decided to pay their rent and fees. I got the full amount from both toward the end of the week last week, just before submitting the actual eviction notices. So getting an extra $300 or so in late fees really makes the picture look better when I look at the net effects for January.

As you may or may not know, eviction hurts everyone involved. There are no winners. The tenants lose their home, and the landlord loses rent, court fees (assuming they don’t move out when instructed) and advertising costs to find a new tenant — everybody loses. So it is safe to say that I was very relieved to see the money come in.

So now it is back to concentrating on getting 4 different properties that I am managing leased. I am getting many calls in on the different properties, just haven’t gotten anything closed. Most people I am running into have bad credit, and I really don’t want to work with people that can’t pay. The two renters that I have had problems with both had bad credit, however I do have another tenant with bad credit that has paid on time every month. Are there any tenants out there with good credit? Please step up, I have some quality properties to put you in to.

The latest 2 duplexes have really been a great investment. They are making far more than the 1% that the typical investor looks for. One duplex that we have, if the top rents for about as much as the bottom (they are identical so it should rent for about the same amount) then we will be making over 2% on the rent. So we will see what happens, I need to go now, I have a showing for that duplex at 10 AM. Please leave your feedback/questions at the bottom of the page.

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