Everyday it is the same thing…no money. I just don’t understand people. To me, paying your rent/mortgage should be at the very top of your priority list (except for tithes and offerings). I have gone hungry and would do it again if it came between paying bills and eating. In college I had a part time job and just about no money. I just barely had enough to cover the rent and bills. So what I did was bought 59 cent bread, 49 cent lunch meat, slice cheese and a little mayo and rationed it out as long as possible. On occasion I would buy the frozen burritos, and ration them as well. Long story short, I lost about 20 pounds between graduating college and getting my first career position.

But most people these days don’t do that. They put there cable, internet, phone and a host of other bills ahead of their rent. I know I am just venting here, but it really doesn’t make sense to me to see a tenant that has other non-essential bills that they are paying when they cannot maintain their rent. Am I crazy?

Has any other investors out there been in my shoes? Please share your stories, to give a little encourage to the rest of us.

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