In my latest acquisition, the investor that I represent as a property manager wanted to meet one of the tenants. So I said OK, and we have that scheduled for 11:00 AM this morning. This tenant is a good tenant, but is a little anxious, thinking that his rent may increase substantially with a new owner. This is very understandable, and is why I met with him myself last week just to calm his fears.

But, my investor wanted to meet him before I signed a new contract with the renter, so we will be going over there in a few minutes. I hope to get the lease contract completed and signed today, and get our first month’s rent in as the new landlord. From what I see and what I have been told, this renter is a good one. But as you may know, the old “Put your money where you mouth is” applies here. Once we get a couple of month’s rent on time from this renter, then I will become a believer.

The other new renters that we currently have are still in default. Friday I will be getting with them to collect the rent, and inform them of the contract penalties that will be applied next month if they are late again. I will report in tomorrow on what transpires today…

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