Real Estate FlyerIn this edition of Personal Finance Resources, I am going to show you one of the flyers I put together for a piece of property I am managing. I am using this flyer in an advertising campaign right now, so this a real live example. I used Microsoft’s Publisher to put the flyer together, and was able to create something very professional, in only about 30 minutes to an hour. Some key points to remember when composing a real estate flyer:

  • Your key product/service/benefit to the client should be at the top of the page.
    In this particular example, I am wanting to rent a nice house near a lake. So I just simply put “House for Rent!” at the top. The reader is very aware of what the ad is about just by glancing at the title.
  • Directly after the key action item, you need to have something that really draws the attention.
    In this example, I am playing on people’s love for the water in telling them just how close to the lake this property is located.
  • Pictures
    Any quality flyer has to have some pictures. In my flyer, I choose a exterior elevation picture, to show how nice the house is, and then a picture of the over sized bathtub, that gives the reader a sense of the upgrades of this particular piece of property.
  • The Description
    Some people want the details. But as I did in this real estate flyer, it is in small text, and gives some good supporting details on upgrades, location, and then the all important price. But this is a more expensive property for the area I deal in real estate, and therefore I minimized the size of text where I show the price. I want the focus of the advertisement to be around the location and the features of the property, not the price. If you are marketing something where you are near the bottom of the market for price, then you might make the focal point of your message the price, instead of the features.
  • Contact Information
    For this real estate flyer, I put the phone number at the bottom of the page, increased the text size, and made the phone number itself red text, to really set it off the page. This is the key thing that I want the reader to do is to call me. In glancing at this flyer, you really see that there is a house for rent, it looks nice, and the phone number pops out at you. If someone wants the details, they can look more closely at it, but those are the main areas their eyes will be drawn to.

So as you can see, with Microsoft Publisher and a few marketing tactics, you can come up with a quality real estate flyer that can really grab the attention of someone in the market to rent a house (or whatever you are trying to sell). Now all you have to do is get as many of them out to the public as possible, and get them in front of some people. ‘Til next time…


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