Working on potential real estate investments is totally fascinating, and finding deals that fit a profitable formula is both extremely challenging, and extremely rewarding. Currently, I am working on a deal with a local realtor who is also a real estate investor here in Belton/Temple TX. He is trying to get out of the property management business, and owns a number of properties in the area (maybe about a dozen properties).

These properties are single and multi-family homes, and are in different areas throughout town. He has a few problem properties in the Temple market, which are a risk to me and my investors, remembering that location is the most important factor in real estate. But overall, he has a good spread of properties, and I am interested in about 3 of those properties. One is a duplex located just across the street from a property I already own, and therefore I am totally convinced of the neighborhood and the ability for this property to produce.

All in all, I am looking to put two properties (which includes 5 rental units) under contract, with the attempt to achieve a total payment of around $1,100-1,200. These properties gross around $2,200-2,300 per month, which is really good money for the risk. So this is just as word of encouragement to y’all out there, as you can get into good deals, you just have to keep looking.

One point I will make, I found this guy just by checking the MLS for some multi-family properties for another potential client. I saw a good price on a duplex, good location, and knew it would cash flow. If you have a little time, drive the neighborhoods you want to do business in, and just look for some “For Sale” signs. Farm those markets, and find those deals. To make it big, you are going to have to do a little more than the next guy.

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