Just a quick update and moral support on a Friday night. Focus on tracking all expenses, resist your urge to go to the vending machine to get a soda/snack, and concentrate on saving money. If you can, avoid going out to eat and taking long trips; conserve that gas money and lost dollars on high priced meals. Take advantage of coupons that you see coming in the mail for the grocery store, and also for some of your favorite fast food places.

You don’t have to pay full price for anything! I just bought a laptop online that is a brand new Lenovo (Lenovo bought IBM’s laptop business recently) for $644.99. Expensive you think? Not for a Pentium Core Duo 2.0 GHz, 1 GB DDR RAM, 120 GB hard disk, 15.4″ glossy screen, webcam, fingerprint reader, built-in blue tooth, and wireless LAN. I bought it on eBay completely new with a full one year warranty (I verified it with Lenovo), and it showed up in the mail 3 days later. I own a Dell Inspiron 6400 currently, but now that I have quit my job, I needed another laptop so that my wife and I can push forward on websites, real estate and other en devours simultaneously.

So guys, just to reiterate, keep plugin, focus on your long term goals, and invest, invest, invest!

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